When clients call on Phasor Corporation, they can be sure that they will receive reliable equipment for their unique power needs.  We are a certified reseller for Schneider Electric (APC), Eaton (Powerware), Emerson Electric (Liebert ) and Gamatronic Electronic Industries uninterruptible power systems.  We can provide the equipment, design the installation, and establish a comprehensive maintenance plan.

Phasor Corporation understands it is critical to plan, design, and install a power system that will provide reliability and flexibility for growth in a variety of applications.  Your system will be flexible, easy to manage, and will meet your current business needs, while accommodating future growth.  Recognizing that each facility has its own inherent characteristics and challenges, Phasor Corporation works with you to implement an IEEE standards-compliant, structured system, capable of transporting information signals from multiple sources and using multiple protocols.