Your Power Our Passion

04 Jun


Sales Tax Power Audit

 “Your Power Our Passion”

Many manufacturing and industrial facilities are sales tax exempt concerning their power consumption per month. In other words, 6% sales tax does not apply to these facilities’ electric utility bills in the State of Pennsylvania. Phasor Corporation will audit the power consumption of each piece of equipment used for manufacturing as well those used for administrative purposes. This will provide the correct percentage for tax exempt power. Also, once the audit is complete, if it is found that a company overpaid sales tax, the State will provide a refund for the previous 36 months. Need proof? No problem. Recently, Phasor conducted a Sales Tax Power Audit for our friends at a local Manufacturing Business in Wilkes-Barre PA. Before the audit the Business was estimating that 80% of their power usage was for manufacturing while 20% was for administrative purposes. After the audit, Phasor discovered that they were actually using 96% of their power for manufacturing. They were unknowingly overpaying State sales tax by 16%. Fortunately, because of Phasor’s audit, the Business received a refund for past overpayments and a sustainable reduction in monthly sales tax. As a result, they realized a 12 month return on investment. Our goal, with every Audit, is to maximize savings while providing unmatched customer service for our clients. Not sure if you qualify? Call today and speak to one of our highly trained engineers at 570-331-0502. Or log on to for a complete listing of exemptions.