Phasor Services Allow Doctors To See Clearly

02 Jun


Elgin Air Force Base, Fort Walton Beach Florida.

Doctors from the Medical Center came to Phasor Corporation looking for a solution to issues with their ultra sound equipment.  An ultra sound test uses high-frequency sound waves to capture live images from the inside of the body.  It requires precise power quality throughout its entire operation.  Due to a number of factors, Doctors at Elgin were seeing artifacts on the screen that inhibited quality of analysis and in some cases to a level that precluded any possible diagnosis.  Within a few short days Phasor Corporation was able to identify the problem and provide a lasting solution.

The right equipment can only do so much.  Having the right service and support is the final piece.  At Phasor Corporation, we take pride in our unmatched service.  We believe in treating every customer like family.

A link to the entire final report and detailed description of services can be found below.