Diversity Shines Through in Recent Projects

28 May


We are extremely proud of the work we do here at Phasor Corporation.  Our services range from Electrical Design to Sales Tax Power Audits as well as Arc Flash Analysis and Thermography Studies.  Our diverse skill set and expert personnel make us a great candidate for any operation in our field.  We are not geographically limited and make it a priority to meet and exceed customer needs.  The following list briefly details some of our most recent projects.


Client: Quaker Oats

Location: Mountaintop, PA

Project Description: Design & specify high voltage distribution system for new beverage line.

Duties: Gather field data, specify high voltage switch &substation, provide new one-line diagram.


Client: Tobyhanna Army Depot

Location: Tobyhanna, PA

Project Description: Design emergency power system for various radar sites. Modify existing sites to accommodate emergency power retrofit. Construct equipment specifications and drawings for new emergency power equipment.

Duties: Provide equipment, coordinate installation with sub-contractors, provide start-up and testing.


Client: Blue Cross of NE PA

Location: Wilkes-Barre, PA

Project Description: Transformer testing for critical input transformer for Data Center Operations.

Duties: Provide megger & hypot testing, construct testing procedure for electrical contractor to troubleshoot electrical system.


Client: Blue Cross of NE PA

Location: Wilkes-Barre, PA

Project Description: Perform Arc Flash Analysis

Duties: Perform Arc Flash Analysis for three Blue Cross facilities, reconstruct building one-line diagrams, provide drawings and engineering report describing safety measures and PPE gear needed on each floor.


Client: First Energy of Ohio

Location: Various sites throughout Ohio

Project Description: Perform AC & DC power audits for microwave stations

Duties: Gather & compile onsite field data, provide reports and recommendations for upgrades.



Client: Silberline Manufacturing

Location: Tamaqua PA

Project Description: Provide design for new electrical service and distribution

Duties: Coordinate logistics with the Electrical Utility, design 12 kV electrical service and specify new transformer, underground conduit, metering etc.


Client: Lion Brewery

Location: Wilkes-Barre, PA

Project Description: Perform power audit for sales tax exemption

Duties: Measure and record power consumption throughout the plant, prepare engineering report, submit to the State of Pennsylvania for tax exemption approval.


Client: Borgata Casino & Spa

Location: Atlantic City, NJ

Project Description: Provide new redundant emergency power system for Data Center.

Duties: Provide power audit, plans and specifications for new UPS system. Integrate system with (4) 1 megawatt generators.


Client: Mohegan Sun Casino

Location: Plains, PA

Project Description: New Casino

Duties: Computer Aided Design. Project Coordination with Electrical and Telcom Contractors & Architect; provide all electrical drawings and as-built drawings.


Client: The Sands Casino & Resort

Location: Bethlehem, PA

Project Description: New Casino

Duties: Computer Aided Design. Project Coordination with Electrical and Telcom Contractors & Architect; provide all electrical drawings and as-built drawings.


Client: Guthrie Hospital

Location: Sayre, PA

Project Description: Provide project management for a new Data Center.

Duties: Coordinate installation of new UPS and cooling equipment for new data center. Provide onsite project management; provide as-built drawings for the entire electrical installation. Coordinate subsequent phases of Data Center expansion.



Client: Jewelcor

Location: Wilkes-Barre, PA

Project Description: Thermography Scan

Duties: Provide infrared scan for all electrical panels and electrical equipment in order to meet insurance standards.


Client: Haines & Kibblehouse

Location: Reading,Media, Lake Wallenpaupack PA

Project Description: Design new power distribution system for blacktop plant.

Duties: Work with local electrical Utility in gathering fault duty. Provide switchgear specification and building electrical design. Provide breaker coordination for new lineup. Provide onsite project management throughout construction.


Client: City of East Stroudsburg Sanitary Authority

Location: East Stroudsburg, PA

Project Description: Power Analysis

Duties: Perform a comprehensive power analysis on the electrical system and identify power problems affecting motor operation for various plant functions.


Client: Lion Brewery

Location: Wilkes-Barre, PA

Project Description: Electrical Service Upgrade

Duties: Provide new design for 13 kV transformers serving the Brewery’s main electrical service. Calculate fault current values and coordinate new installation with PPL Electric Utility and the electrical contractor.


Client: Smith-Miller Associates

Location: Kingston, PA

Project Description: Solar Power Design

Duties: Provide shading analysis on various rooftops in the State of New Jersey to provide data in facilitating supplemental solar power at various facilities.


Client: PPL Electric Utilities

Location: Allentown, PA

Project Description: Provide Data Center in-row equipment, including cabinets, PDU’s and air conditioning. Provide technical data and support to the design firm and the commissioning agent.


Client: The Borough of Chambersburg

Location: Chambersburg PA

Project Description: Perform power quality analysis at 69 kV Cree Substation.

Duties: Monitor and record voltage and power factor with emphasis on anomalies due to capacitor switching. Provide a comprehensive engineering report at the conclusion of the project.


Client: TB Woods Incorporated

Location: Chambersburg, PA

Project Description: Perform a complete, inclusive voltage study concerning (5) Induction furnaces used in melting iron for their forging process.

Duties:   Install data acquisition metering at the service entrance as well as on the furnace to measure and analyze the voltage and power, both supplied and consumed. Prepare and deliver a comprehensive engineering report.


Client: First Solar

Location: Mesa Arizona

Project Description: Study various operational data collected at their photovoltaic solar array generation plants in order to determine and suggest methods for setting alarm or maintenance action thresholds.   Phasor developed an algorithm to determine transformer gas blanket leakage and established curves for predictive failure.


Client: Eglin Air Force Base

Location: Fort Walton Beach Florida

Project Description: Perform power quality analysis to determine operational problems with various ultrasound and medical equipment located in the base Hospital. Perform grounding evaluation and power quality study.   Provide engineering report to the facility maintenance group.