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Stay Safe. Stay Legal!

10 Jun

Many commercial & Industrial establishments are now being required to perform an Arc Flash Analysis that conforms to NFPA 70E. Such studies will enhance the safety in the workplace and provide maintenance personnel with the information needed to perform electrical maintenance and repairs while wearing the proper personal protective equipment.  

Your Power Our Passion

04 Jun

Sales Tax Power Audit  “Your Power Our Passion” Many manufacturing and industrial facilities are sales tax exempt concerning their power consumption per month. In other words, 6% sales tax does not apply to these facilities’ electric utility bills in the State of Pennsylvania. Phasor Corporation will audit the power consumption of each piece of equipment […]

Phasor Services Allow Doctors To See Clearly

02 Jun

Elgin Air Force Base, Fort Walton Beach Florida. Doctors from the Medical Center came to Phasor Corporation looking for a solution to issues with their ultra sound equipment.  An ultra sound test uses high-frequency sound waves to capture live images from the inside of the body.  It requires precise power quality throughout its entire operation.  Due to a […]

Diversity Shines Through in Recent Projects

28 May

We are extremely proud of the work we do here at Phasor Corporation.  Our services range from Electrical Design to Sales Tax Power Audits as well as Arc Flash Analysis and Thermography Studies.  Our diverse skill set and expert personnel make us a great candidate for any operation in our field.  We are not geographically […]

The Right Data Center Makes All The Difference

20 May

College Saves Big By Upgrading to Modern Data Center IT managers say more effective power and cooling management lets them increase uptime and reduce utility costs. Steve Zurier Talk about a makeover. A few years ago, the School of Visual Arts’ old-fashioned data center lacked virtualized servers or centralized storage, and air conditioners ran all […]

Phasor Corporation Partners with Gamatronic

15 May

Phasor Corporation is proud to announce that we are now a Manufacturing Representative for Gamatronic Electronic Industries LTD.  Gamatronic has been designing cutting edge UPS systems for more than 40 years for the most competitive industries all over the world.  All of their systems are developed, designed and manufactured in house.  Similar to Phasor Corporation, […]

Power Factor Correction ICs

20 Jun

Most electronic systems use ac-dc switchmode power converters that draw current from the powerline in a non-sinusoidal fashion. This results in current and voltage distortions that can create problems with other equipment connected to the powerline. Power factor describes the power relationships on an ac powerline . Current and voltage distortions occur with a reactive […]